Cyber-attack Hammers The Pentagon

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All external devices are banned.
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The Pentagon has suffered from a cyber attack so alarming that it has taken the unprecedented step of banning the use of
external hardware devices, such as flash drives and DVD‘s, FOX News has learned.
The attack came in the form of a global
virus or worm that is spreading rapidly throughout a number of military networks.
“We have detected a global virus for
which there has been alerts, and we have seen some of this on our networks,”�a Pentagon official told FOX News. “We are
now taking steps to mitigate the virus.”
“Daily there are millions of scans of the GIG, but for security reasons we don’t discuss the number
of actual intrusions or attempts, or discuss specific measures commanders in the field may be taking to protect and defend
our networks,” the department said in an official statement.�
“Due to the presence of commercial malware, CDR USSTRATCOM has banned the use of removable media
(thumb drives, CDRs/DVDRs, floppy disks) on all DoD networks and computers effective immediately.”
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