Get Ready for 14-Megapixel Camera Phones

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Get Ready for 14-Megapixel Camera Phones

by Michael Zhang

Camera phones may soon offer more megapixels than some DSLR cameras. Imaging company OmniVision announced today that they have developed a 14.6-megapixel image sensor that will fit in cell phones. These sensors are capable of both high-resolution still photography and 1080p high-definition video recording.

I wonder how long it will be before camera phone imaging quality rivals the quality of the best point-and-shoot cameras.

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Secrets for a Flat Stomach

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A senior citizen performs resistance training ...
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Developing a lean, flat stomach takes time and patience, especially when it comes to those last few kilograms in those hard to lose places. There is only one way to lose fat in the so- called ’stubborn areas,’ and that is with the correct combination strength training (with a extra focus on mid-section), cardiovascular exercise (short, hard workouts), and stable blood sugar (keeps you from adding additional fat and makes it easier for the body to use body fat for fuel).

Spot Reduction is a Myth –The first thing you need to realize is that it is impossible to ’spot reduce’ fat from one specific part of the body. Fat loss occurs systemically, meaning that you can’t control where the fat comes from. When you burn fat for energy, you will draw it from all areas of the body, and the first place you tend to put it on will be the last place it comes off.

Cardio, cardio, cardio –Doing all the abs exercises in the world will do nothing if you have a layer of fat covering it. Doing strength training, or lifting weights, would help, but not as much as aerobic exercise. If you want to add some ab exercises in after the cardio, that’s great, but be sure to work your whole torso, not just the upper abs — that includes the lower abs, lower back and the muscles that wrap around your sides.

For example, Walking, jogging, bicycling, elliptical exercise and stair climbing are all great fat burners. Most give up early in the workout. During the first 10 minutes of aerobic activity, glycogen (stored carbohydrates) is the primary fuel source. Because you don’t burn significant amounts of fat until glycogen stores are depleted, the key to maximum fat loss is to work out aerobically for 30-60 minutes continuously per session.

Diet –Its best to stay away from fried food and too many sugary desserts. Abdominal fat loss is a 50% exercise, 50% nutrition combination. Regardless of how much you workout, if the number of calories you take in is greater than the amount you burn, you’ll still put on abdominal fat.

Eat Small Meals Regularly –You should try and spread your calories out into five small meals a day instead of 2 or 3 big ones so that you don’t overeat in one feeding.

Give it Time –If you want to have a flat stomach in 3 weeks, forget it. Losing fat takes time, and it’s unhealthy to lose too much weight too fast. Gradual weight loss is healthier, and more likely to be sustained over time. Go for a lifestyle change, something you can live with for the rest of your life, or you will just yo-yo. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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The Fattest Child In The World

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Dzhambik Khatokhov, age 9, weighs about 150 kilos, which is 4 times more than the average weight of children his age.
And despite a serious threat to his health, his parents take no action.
They won’t even try to put him on a diet.
And what will happen to him over the years?

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Phone box has new life as library

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Phonebox library in Westbury-sub-Mendip

The traditional phone box was bought from BT for £1

A traditional red phone box has been recycled into one of the country‘s smallest lending libraries – stocking 100 books.

Villagers from Westbury-sub-Mendip in Somerset can use the library around the clock, selecting books, DVDs and CDs.

Users simply stock it with a book they have read, swapping it for one they have not.

“It’s really taken off. The books are constantly changing,” said parish councillor Bob Dolby.

He added: “It is completely full at the moment with books. Anyone is free to come and take a book and leave one that you have already read.



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New bridal Sarees for Indian Wedding

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New Bridal Wear Sarees For










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The Art Of Balloon Twisting

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Balloon Twisting

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My Digest: Of Every Day Happenings Around The World

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In this week’s eSkeptic: feature article: LogiComix: An Epic Search for Truth latest from Michael Shermer: Paranoia Strikes Deep upcoming event: Atheist Alliance International Conference ’09 In this week’s eSkeptic, David Cowan reviews Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth, a graphic novel about the life and ideas of philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell, written by Apostolos Doxiad
Skeptic • 12:30 PM PST
7 How did I not know about this film-themed online t-shirt shop before? Last Exit to Nowhere has several really nice Bladerunner-themed t-shirt designs. What set you from? Nexus 6. What’s yo hood? Off World Colonies. And More Human Than Human is Our Motto. Also, dig this 2001: A Space Odyssey design. I require one of each immediately. Previously:BBtv – Syd Mead with Joel Johnson, part 3: BLADE RUNN
Boing Boing • 4 hours ago
2 Imagine a critical witness being grilled in preparation for a high-profile murder case. The prosecuting attorney wants to make sure she has every angle covered, so she questions the witness over and over to double- and triple-check that he has his story right. When he finally takes the stand, he remembers every detail she asked him about. But when the defense attorney cross-examines him, she takes
Cognitive Daily • 7 hours ago


It’s now clear that the Gujarat police murdered 19-year-old Ishrat Jahan. Judge Tamang’s report shows that she was murdered in cold blood. After taking Ishrat from Mumbai to Gujarat, the police killed her, put her in the front seat of a car and shot her at point blank range and tried to pretend she was shooting at them. For the family it has been a lonely battle and the judicial report has brought
NDTV News • 11:46 PM PST

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