Sanjay Gupta, The surgeon General Nominee

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Quick Thoughts on Sanjay Gupta and CNN Science [Framing Science]


Kudos to the Obama administration for approaching one of America’s top science communicators for the position of Surgeon General. Not only could CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta be a visible and persuasive media presence on heath care reform, but he will also hopefully use the authority of the Surgeon General’s office to emphasize the health impacts of climate change.

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Europe’s Craze For A Black U.S.President

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the 44th President of the United States...Bara...

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There is something odd about the European mania for a black American politician, even as we all know that a black president or prime minister (let alone one whose middle name is Hussein) is still unthinkable in Europe.

Actually, Europeans have long been hospitable to black American stars.They could pat themselves on the back for their lack of racial prejudice

Another reason for the European love affair with Obama is that he is seen as something more than an American. Obama looks like a citizen of the world.

But the main reason for Obamamania may be more complex. It has become popular of late for European pundits and commentators to write the U.S. off as a great power, let alone an inspirational one.

Under all the confident-sounding dismissals of U.S. power, there is still some yearning to return to a more reassuring time, when the democratic world could lay its collective head on Uncle Sam‘s broad shoulders.

Obama’s election has demonstrated that things are still achievable in the U.S. that remain unthinkable elsewhere. As long as this is so, the U.S., as primus inter pares, can still be looked up to as the defender of  freedoms.

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Obama And The Shirt

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The Senator & The Life Aquatic

A chlorinated Obama? Do explain…Readers of this blog will recognize the subject map above: a set of concerns that occupy territory outside the traditional realms of art history, but which are fundamentally engaged with visual-cultural material with a base in cartooning and illustration, including the professional cultures of same.
United States Masters Swimming [USMS] sanctions all sorts of competitions all over the country, which are organized at the local and regional level. The Illinois Masters Swimming Association [ILMSA] is getting all sorts of grief about the shirts which they prescribed for the event. ILMSA sanctioned the event but did not approve the shirt, which has been taken as a political statement of endorsement of Senator Obama’s candidacy for President. The apolitical nature of sport is taken very seriously by some, and I agree, although I tend to think that this was more a cultural statement more than a political one. :
The shirt trades on the famous print image of Obama by Shephard Fairey.

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