Writing On The Walls, Literally

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Whiteboard - After
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Writing on the walls with white-board paint

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Tons of interesting design info.

// Make your childhood dreams come true with the chance to scribble all over the walls. While it’s not quite crayons doodling on grandma’s floral wall-paper, a new product called IdeaPaintcan fulfill some of those wishes from the preschool days. IdeaPaint turns any paintable surface into a dry-erase board with just one coat and, voila, your entire office is transformed into a giant whiteboard.

So, do you think a huge writing surface would inspire creativity in your office or would those PR folks just doodle inappropriate things?

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Exquisite Digital Art Paintings

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The digital paintings of Alexius are something out of this world;  the scenarios that he creates are insanely amazing and  beautiful.  So much inspiration and skills are evident that you are simply lost in admiration.

Brain Storm, digital painting by Alexiuss1

Brain Storm, digital painting by Alexiuss1 more

svitart.n-tek.ca and alexiuss.deviantart.com

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How To Scratch Your Back

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Basil Wolverton - wall portrait - Grand Centra...

The Culture Corner: How-To Cartoons by Basil Wolverton


Check out this collection of scans of Basil Wolverton’s The Culture Corner, a series of silly how-to comics originally published in Whiz Comics during the late 40s and early 50s. The site is offering up the scans individually, as a PDF, and as .CBZ files.

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