“They are all vile”

February 9, 2011 at 2:19 pm | Posted in Lifescape | Leave a comment
clipped from www.independent.co.uk
During a long hard winter, nothing warms the cold blood of the Western
armchair revolutionary more than the sight of a bunch of attractive
dark-skinned people out on the streets having a right old revolution.

Nick Clegg has just popped up on breakfast TV gushing on about how “exciting” events in Egypt are, with all the wide-eyed wonder of a tweenager experiencing Bieber Fever. Even me, as an evil Zionist cheerleader – I find it hard not to cheer at the thought of Mubarak being toppled from his perch. This alleged friend of democracy and Israel has overseen a rotten time in the country he dictates to, during which persecution of Christians and silly slanders against Israel – the Zionist sharks of Sharm el Sheikh – have flourished.

It would be wonderful to think that what replaces Mubarak will be better. But here’s the thing about Middle Eastern regimes: they’re all vile. The ones that are “friendly” are vile and the ones that hate us are vile.

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