How Old Is That Whiskey In the Bottle?

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The real story here, Verga says, is that the world will recover a recipe that has been lost for decades.
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Scientists have thawed and uncorked arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton’s “century-old” Scotch whiskey. But the booze isn’t as old as you might think.

Manufactured in the late 1890s and taken along on Shackleton’s 1907 Nimrod expedition, not a scientific soul will sip the “century-old” Mackinlay’s Scotch whiskey. New Zealand Researchers will uncork one of the 11 bottles found in 2006, extract samples and send them to Scottish distiller Whyte and Mackay — which now owns Mackinlay’s — where the liquor will be analyzed and reproduced. The original recipe for the scotch, the AP says, was long ago lost.

“If it was distilled in 1897 and bottled in 1907,” when Shackleton set sail from the British Isles, “then, technically speaking, the juice is only 10 years old.

Once alcohol is stored in glass, maturation ends,

In other words, the 1897 Mackinlay’s might not taste much different than a 2000 Macallan.

If this whiskey were to be found in barrels,
it would be a very different story.

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