Top 10 weird psychology studies

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Top 10 weird psychology studies


// Psychologists often use inventive and resourceful ways to investigate and understand how our minds operate, and why we do the things we do. But in certain instances, the research topics that pop up in the field are just plain weird. Check out the top ten oddball psychlogy studies ever explored.

See a few below:

The ‘Don’t Stand so Close to Me’ study

Middlemist, Knowles and Matter (1976) designed an experiment to test how the speed and flow of men’s urination in a public lavatory was affected by invasions of personal space.

The ‘Empathy Causes Facial Similarity Between Couples to Increase Over Time’ study

Would you believe that people who live with each other for 25 years actually develop similar facial features? I don’t just mean that people tend to choose partners who resemble them, rather that over time together couple’s features actually converge. It’s weird, but there’s evidence for it from a singular study carried out by the noted psychologist Robert Zajonc and colleagues.

The ‘Does Semen Have Antidepressant Properties?’ study

If there was ever research guaranteed to make women suspicious of male researcher’s motivations it’s this one. This study tests the idea that prostaglandins, a component of semen, may actually be useful in treating depression.

See all ten wacky but fascinating tests at PsyBlog.

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