Horsing around

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horse laughing
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Funny Pictures of Horse Yawning or Laughing
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Heard the one about the horse that walks into a pub and the barman asks ‘Why the long face?’
These two obviously had. In fact, they must have been swapping several jokes as they appeared to have a laugh with each other.

At one stage, one of the animals even rolled around on the ground as if helpless with mirth.

laughing horses
The extraordinary scene was captured by wildlife lover Mark Reeve during a visit to Reydon Marshes, a nature reserve north of the Blyth Estuary in Suffolk.
Normally he visits hides with his camera to take shots of rare birds but on this occasion happened to train the lens on the two wild konik horses as they practised their double act.
‘I see the horses every time I’m there and usually they stand there quite static but these two started up, necking each other and baring their teeth at each other.
‘It wasn’t anything aggressive, they were just being friendly. Then one yawned, then the other.

laughing horses

laughing horses

laughing horses

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