The War on Stick Figures

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Merry Christmas
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TAUNTON – The first big problem with going to Taunton to chase down another “War on Christmas” tale is the 35-foot Santa rising up from the town square like the Paul Bunyan statue in “Fargo.”

St. Nick is dwarfed by choirs of fiberglass angels blowing horns atop two towering gift-wrapped Christmas presents.

A trio of jumbo-sized wise men perched on camels sit by a creche that backs up to a gargantuan Christmas tree music box guarded by a pair of toy soldiers.

All in all, Taunton Green – in a burg that calls itself “Christmas City” – looks like some miniature golf course hijacked by rabid Christmas elves.

Fact is, Christmas wasn’t under attack in Taunton yesterday. Turns out this was really a story about a war on stick figures.

This marks the second time in 18 months Taunton school teachers have been driven off the rails by stick figures.

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clipped from

VERY MERRY: The Christmas spirit is...
Photo by Angela Rowlings
VERY MERRY: The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Taunton, despite a brouhaha over a child’s drawing.

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