Exclusive: Elite Special Forces in Afghanistan With Fox Embed

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“There’s a lot of different tools in our tool kit,” the Major said, “to influence the populace and to win over their support.”

They also work closely with Afghan soldiers and elite commandos. Something that has gained in importance, as well. The Major and his colleagues have done that in South America, Africa and Asia.

“We’ve already done that around the world,” he told Fox News. “Coming here and working with the government is nothing new to us.”

Officials say high-level, irreconcilable Taliban and Al Qaeda figures still have to be killed or captured. Which is something the Major and his men have no problem with.


“Without targeting the Taliban and providing security for the populace,” he says, “we’re a lot worse off.”

And there are more commandos getting into the fight. Special Forces numbers have surged to a reported 5,000 in Afghanistan, with more expected — if they clear the

clipped from liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com

With Special Forces in Afghanistan

December 15, 2009
by: Greg Palkot

ZABUL, AFGHANISTAN– Fox News was embedded exclusively with Special Forces for a week and got a rare glimpse inside the world of America’s most elite fighting force in Afghanistan.

Special Force teams have been in Afghanistan ever since the days after 9/11. Now more than ever, they’re at the “ tip of the spear,” in places like Zabul province in the southeast, where the Taliban is “everywhere.”

“Whether it’s two or three local Taliban or foreign Taliban,” the “Major” (that’s all he goes by for this report due to security reasons) told Fox News. “It’s safe to assume they’re in every village.”

The Major, the commander of a company of Special Force A-Teams, says the new U.S. counter-insurgency strategy is all about what the Special Forces have been doing here. Green Berets are involved in civil affairs programs in various Zabul villages, supporting schools, manning clinics and building bridges.

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