The Scandal of Hunger in America

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Tax dollars are wrongly spent on all level of government. For example, in Los Angeles, the lion share of the city budget is spent on the police department. State wide the amount of money spent on the prison system is astronomical. Instead of hiring more cops and incarcerating more people, it would be a wise and durable investment to invest in good and free public education. Federally, the waste of our tax dollars and resources is just as absurd. President Obama will try to justify his escalation of the war in Afghanistan. By sending more troops to Afghanistan, the astronomical defense budget will keep going up and is likely to reach 700 billion in 2010.

1 billion people suffer from chronic hunger. It is Thanksgiving, and while the executives of Goldman Sachs, which are getting ready to pay themselves 21 billion in bonuses, have too much to be thankful for, the 49 million Americans going hungry every day should be resentful of a system that has let them down.

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Today, about 49 million Americans experience what the US government refers to as “food insecurity with hunger”

One in six people in America suffer from chronic hunger. In a nation that is both, the world’s largest economy and its most productive food producer
“food insecurity” is real, and it is on a dramatic rise all across America.

In the wake of the economic crisis, with unemployment numbers increasing and families losing their homes to foreclosure, more and more people are becoming food insecure.
The ruling class of conservative Republicans, corporate Democrats and CEOs are de facto practicing social Darwinism. The super rich in America
give to charities in large amounts. But this substitution of what should be good governance and local, state and federal social safety net for 49 million Americans is not truly helping. It helps the super-rich feel less guilty, but it doesn’t change the system or even start scratching the surface of the root problems hiding in plain sight

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