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November 27, 2009 at 8:26 am | Posted in Lifescape | Leave a comment
Drum Master with Anvil (2:57)
Anvil teaches you how to play drums and how to react to a home invasion.
Brutal Journey: Jack Black Finds His Inner Eddie Riggs (8:44)
The incredible true story of one man and his quest to become the greatest video game character actor of all time.
Mazel Tov (3:33)
On your exes wedding day, finding the right words isn’t easy.
Meeting Murder Mystery (1:48)
Someone is up to no good at the Company Corporation meeting.

A Dad Since Age 15 w/Rob Riggle
Check out this clip from a movie that apparently slipped under the radar – May the Best Man Win. It stars Funny or Die favorites Rob Riggle, Matt Walsh, Rob Huebel, Owen Burke and Horatio Sanz. Get enlightened and watch this clip with Riggle getting ready to go out for his future son-in-law’s bachelor party.
FOD Team

Auto-tune The News Part 9
Hugo Chavez is a musical genius. Nobel prize, health care, united nations.

Hypnotized Kittens Fall Asleep
You are getting very sleepy. You are in a world with no dogs. You are next to a mountain of yarn. Very sleepy.

Street Tubing Crash
Tubing in the streets leads to trees on the sidewalk. What-a-douche!

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