Irish demand World Cup replay

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Would you have owned up? In front of 80,000 fans and millions more on
television, would you have confessed to handball and wiped out the goal that
was sending your nation to the World Cup finals?

It’s a matter of conscience. Don’t think I’m ducking the question when I say
that it would never have been an issue for me — because I wasn’t a cheat. In
that split second last night when the ball dropped for Thierry Henry,
tantalisingly close but just out of range of his feet, it would never have
occurred to me to stick out my hand and guide it back into my control. I
wasn’t that devious.

I’m no angel, but I know that I wouldn’t have done what he did. And if the
roles had been reversed and Ireland had reached South Africa in such a
dubious way, would I have been delighted at victory? Of course. Would I have
felt it was tainted? Absolutely.

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The Irish Justice Minister demanded a rematch today after a blatant Thierry
Henry handball put France into the finals of the World Cup.

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