‘Fearmonger in Chief’ Beck goes militia, warns of impending ‘New World Order’

November 21, 2009 at 7:23 am | Posted in Lifescape | Leave a comment
That certainly is an interesting “scale of insane things,” isn’t it? Especially considering how insane you have to be to believe we’ve actually progressed beyond “recession.” Insane, indeed.

Anyway, Beck then brings on the capital-investment adviser who sent Beck completely around the bend with his snippet on CNBC speculating that the ultimate solution to the economy would be “global government”: Damon Vickers of Nine Points Capital Partners. Vickers is a longtime nutcase who in fact was coming fresh off the Alex Jones show earlier this week, expounding on this same theory. (Fun note: A year ago, Vickers predicted Microsoft was “going nowhere but down.” That was when its stock price was at 13. Now it’s above 30.)

There’s a reason the ADL officially dubbed Beck our national “Fearmonger in Chief” this week. And there’s a reason militias are springing up like mushrooms everywhere.

clipped from crooksandliars.com

Glenn Beck has apparently decided he doesn’t care how big a public nutcase he is making himself into. Because, you know, the black helicopters are coming!!!!!! And he’s just the guy to get the warning out.

Back when he started his Fox show in January, I wondered how long it would take Beck to become an outright Patriot conspiracy-monger — especially because he dabbled in it early on, and it’s been building ever since. I knew we had to be getting close when Beck’s buddy Chuck Norris went full-bore militia earlier this week.

So the answer is: about ten and a half months. Because yesterday on his show, he just threw the chips all in and went for your classic militia black-helicopter conspiracy theory:

OK, so, we have skipped a deep recession and skipped depression — even the Great Depression — we went right to the collapse of the dollar. Then he went right to global currency. One world government! And a New World Order! [Slaps] Like that!

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