Scientific Analysis Suggests Billy Meier UFO Photos May Be Genuine

November 9, 2009 at 8:16 am | Posted in Lifescape | 1 Comment
Billy Meier’s photographs are said to be part of his interaction with a race of Aliens who wish to help the human population, and that all communications by humans are monitored.

The photographic evidence seemed so overwhelming that it was conclusion of the scientific team that Billy Meier’s photographs are real.

Go to the source for more pictures and info.

clipped from
An original copy of the Billy Meier Photograph taken March 26, 1981 is seen below. The photography has not been retouched or manipulated in any detectable way and the conclusion of the sciencific team is that it is authentic in every aspect. The craft measures approximately 48 feet in diameter and is 25 feet tall, it’s composition is unknown and it is in no way is suspended by any device detectable. There is no pixel manipulation or overlay created by any artificial means

The photograph below is an X-Ray of the original Billy Meier photograph
point to windows that have a translucent material
While APEP was able to look inside several windows this was not part of this survey, we will say that the craft windows show the inside of what you might expect to find in an Extraterrestrial space craft.
This information
remains secret at this time.

photographs below show
what is believed to be an electrical field surrounding the craft.
showing a distinct disturbance.

photograph is authentic

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