Soviet War Paintings

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N. Prisekin. Hard times

N. Tolkunov. Immortality. Brest, 1941.

D. Shmarin. Summer 1941.

Y. Kugach. Summer 1941

B. Tarelkin. Comrades.

R. Pinkava. 1941

A. Tkachev, S.Tkachev. Farewell to the beloved home

V.Gavrilov. For the native land

A. Plastov. Fashist's visit

A. Krasnov. For the native land

K. Yuon. Red Square parade. (November 7, 1941)

V. Bogatkin. On approaches to Moscow

M.Samsonov. Sister

A. Deineka. Moscow outskirts

G. Nisskiy. On the Leningrad highway

N.Prisekin. Our cause is just

F. Usipenko. Enemy has been stopped

F. Usipenko. Guards' respond

T. Gaponenko. After the liberation

Y. Sirotenko. Soldier

Y. Pimenov. Front road

N. Prisekin. Baltic: human bridge

A. Mylnikov. Leningrad, 1941

B.Ugarov. Leningrad woman

V. Puzirkov. Kiev, 1942

V.Firsov. Front line intelligence group

I. Evstigneev. The night fight

N.But. Letter to the mother

N.Deineka. Sevastopol defense

V. Puzirkov. Black Sea marines

E.Fetisov. Silence

A. Deineka. Shotdown

G. Marchenko. On the outskirt of Stalingrad

N. But. Nurse Natasha

V. Safronov. German dead

M. Samsonov. Battle intelligence group

B. Nemenskiy. Spring

B. Nemeskiy. About relatives and friends

V. Panteleev. Moving to the new position

A. Intezarov. Snipers

B. Nemenskiy. The burned earth

P. Krivonogov. Duel

P. Krivonogov. Kursk battle

P. Krivonogov. Kursk battle

S. Uranova. Nurse Natalia Michaliova

B. Nemenskiy. The last letter

M. Kupriyanov., P. Krylov., N. Sokolov. Fashists leaving Novgorog

Y. Neprincev. Native land

V. Dmitrievskiy. At dawn

P. Krivonogov. Defeat of the German troops in Korsun-Schevchenko pocket

P. Malcev. Storm of the Sapun Mountain

B. Nemenskiy. Masha

V. Laktionov. Letter from the front

A. and S. Tkachev. Years of hardships

B. Nikolaev. Spring 1945

F. Sachko. Storm of the King Castle in Konigsberg

E. Danilevskiy. Fire on Reichstag

M. Kupriyanov, P. Krylov, N. Sokolov. The end

V. Bogatkin. Storm of the Reichstag

P. Krivonogov. Victory

V. Lobachev. Tanks of the 7th Guard tank brigade in Berlin, 1945

S.Prisekin. Fighter pilot A.Pokryshkin

P. Krivonogov. Capitulation

D. Mochalskiy. Victory. Berlin, 1945

N.Baskakov. Victory

G. Melichov. Victory day in Berlin

A. Deineka. Over conquered Berlin

B.Okorokov. The first day of piece

A. Gorskiy. Missed in action

M. Kugach. Coming back

M. Kupriyanov., P. Krylov., N. Sokolov. Prosecution witnesses
clipped from

M. Kupriyanov, P. Krylov, N. Sokolov. Moscow Road

K.Vasilev. Invasion

P. Krivonogov. Defenders of the Brest Fortress

N. Kolupayev. 41

P. Krivonogov. Comissar of the Fortress

A.Plastov. Germans are coming. July, 1941

G. Korzhev. Farewell

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