Made from bamboo.

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World’s most incredible designs made from bamboo

bamboo designs

folded bamboo house
1. The origami-inspired Folded Bamboo House:

the woven house
2. The Woven House:

wind and water cafe
3. The Wind and Water Cafe:

mason lane farm operations facility
4. The Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility:

butterfly bamboo house
5. Butterfly Bamboo Homes:

bamboo forest house
6. The Bamboo Forest House:

7. BamGoo:

8. Bamboo Taxi Car:

bamboo jeep
9. Bamboo Jeep:

indonesian bamboo bicycle
10. Indonesian bamboo bicycle:

11. Bamboo Speakers:

asus ecobook
12. Asus Ecobook Bamboo Laptop:

cut bamboo table lamp
13. Cut Bamboo Table Lamp:

bamboo helmet
14. Bamboo Helmets:

micro innovations accessories
15. Bamboo accessories from Micro Innovations:

bamboo radio
16. The Bamboo Radio:

bird electron ez takegtf2
17. Bird-Electron EZ-TAKEGTF2:

dell bamboo pc
18. Dell’s bamboo-encased eco-PC concept:

bamboo chandelier
19. Bamboo Chandelier:

bamboo casket
20. Bamboo Caskets:
Interesting facts about bamboo:

bamboo facts
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  1. i am also writing the blog about the bamboo and specific focus at the bamboo home decor , it’s pretty cool to see your blog too!

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