Made from bamboo.

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World’s most incredible designs made from bamboo

bamboo designs

folded bamboo house
1. The origami-inspired Folded Bamboo House:

the woven house
2. The Woven House:

wind and water cafe
3. The Wind and Water Cafe:

mason lane farm operations facility
4. The Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility:

butterfly bamboo house
5. Butterfly Bamboo Homes:

bamboo forest house
6. The Bamboo Forest House:

7. BamGoo:

8. Bamboo Taxi Car:

bamboo jeep
9. Bamboo Jeep:

indonesian bamboo bicycle
10. Indonesian bamboo bicycle:

11. Bamboo Speakers:

asus ecobook
12. Asus Ecobook Bamboo Laptop:

cut bamboo table lamp
13. Cut Bamboo Table Lamp:

bamboo helmet
14. Bamboo Helmets:

micro innovations accessories
15. Bamboo accessories from Micro Innovations:

bamboo radio
16. The Bamboo Radio:

bird electron ez takegtf2
17. Bird-Electron EZ-TAKEGTF2:

dell bamboo pc
18. Dell’s bamboo-encased eco-PC concept:

bamboo chandelier
19. Bamboo Chandelier:

bamboo casket
20. Bamboo Caskets:
Interesting facts about bamboo:

bamboo facts
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Learning to read? Try talking to a dog

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Meet Bailey. She’s a registered therapy dog, but you won’t find her in hospitals or nursing homes. Instead, Bailey makes weekly visits to libraries and schools. She sits quietly or snuggles up to kids as they read her a book. And no, she’s not napping, and the kids don’t have treats in their pockets. She’s actually helping these children learn to read.

Bailey and her owner, Jim Wilmoth, spend time with young readers at the West Virginia Book Festival.

It sounds implausible. After all, dogs can’t read. How could they possibly help someone learn a skill that they themselves can’t grasp? But it’s a growing trend, and it seems to be working.

The philosophy is simple. Children who are just learning to read often feel judged or intimidated by classmates and adults. But reading to a dog isn’t so scary. It won’t judge, it won’t get impatient, it won’t laugh or correct if the child makes a mistake. In a nutshell, dogs are simply excellent listeners. And for shy kids or slow readers, that can make all the difference.

The most beautiful river in the world

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The most beautiful river in the world...(cano2.jpg)

Building a tourism industry in Colombia in the wake of the country’s famous guerrilla warfare is a delicate business. In regions such as La Macarena, where the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) ruled for many years, tourism is starting to pick up. But operators know all it will take is the sighting of one guerrilla to bring it all tumbling down. Which is a shame – because the region is home to Caño Cristales, ‘the most beautiful river in the world’.

The most beautiful river in the world...(cano.jpg)

It was explorer Andres Hurtado who give it that title in the 1980s when he brought the attention of the world to this pink river. Well, the seasonally pink river, that is. For most of the year, Caño Cristales looks like most rivers (blue), but for a short period of time each year, the river changes color.

The most beautiful river in the world...(cano-cristales1.jpg)

In between the wet and dry seasons, when the water level drops enough for the sun to warm the moss and algae on the river’s bottom, the flora bursts into color – a rainbow of it.

The most beautiful river in the world...(cano6.jpg)

You must be my Friend ! ;)

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1256250351Tqzar9Z.jpg picture by xPersianx

Under the bus….that was really close [ANIMATED GIF]

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It’s a good thing the guy was paying attention. The bus missed him by a fraction of a second.

Under that bus is your final destination.

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A Toast To Audrey

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Cropped screenshot of Audrey Hepburn from the ...
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Audrey Hepburn

“There are movie stars and then there are movie stars — performers who have such a unique and often indescribable quality that their very name connotes the magic of the cinema. Audrey Hepburn was definitely a movie star.

Hepburn has remained timeless. Her characters, her look and her persona seem as contemporary today as they did nearly six decades ago.

The amazing thing about Audrey I found from working with her is that she was a very vulnerable person and very fragile emotionally.

She was the opposite of the diva. She never complained.
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What was amazing, for me, was the combination of innocence and elegance. She had it and I think that is probably what William Wyler saw in her when he cast her in “Roman Holiday.” There was something about her that just leaped out at you. They used to talk about the cameras loving certain individuals, and it certainly loved her in a very special way.

What was amazing, for me, was the combination of innocence and elegance”
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Being a Woman Is Not a Pre-Existing Condition

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Being a Woman Is Not a Pre-Existing Condition

Sponsored by:
National Women’s Law Center

Health care isn’t fair. Women pay more and get less coverage than they need. Yet women have been left out of the debate on health care reform. It’s time to make our voices heard.

Women are regularly denied coverage for “pre-existing conditions” including pregnancy, a previous C-Section or past domestic abuse. Insurance companies charge women as much as 48 percent more for individual health care coverage than men. And it is expensive, difficult and in some states impossible for women to find coverage for maternity care when purchasing their own health insurance plan.

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