Tamil Movie Review: Arumugam

September 30, 2009 at 7:49 am | Posted in Movie | 4 Comments
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” Aarumugam” Tamil Movie

Review Cast Crew

” A

Release Date: 25 Sep 2009
Genre: Action – Romance
Language: Tamil
Banner: Kool Productions
Cast: Bharath, Priyamani, Ramya Krishnan, Saranya Mohan, Karunas, Ilavarasu, Adhitya, Sathya, Seetha, Kavithalaya Krishna, Maganadhi Shankar, Aniruth Direction: Suresh Krishna
Production: Shenbagakumar


Grandiloquent combo Suresh Krishna-Deva is back in town. In the past, they stunned with their prodigious combination on many blockbusters that goes inclusive of Superstar Rajnikanth’s ‘BAASHA’.
Suresh Krishna known for coalescing the best commercial attributes with serious motifs spells yet another flick of that sort. Much incisively, he takes on presenting his show of pieces with entertaining aspects.
Audio for this film was launched today morning at Satyam Cinemas.
Aarumugam with Bharath and Priyamani in the lead. Bharath plays the owner of a small food joint. He is closely attached to his mother. He is quiet and his simple life gets shattered by one of Bharath’s business rivals (Ramya Krishnan) who runs a big restaurant near his place. The petty clashes soon develop into bigger problems. How Bharath solves them is told in an action-cum sentiment filled screenplay.

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  1. I have never seen such a dirty movie in my life .

    This film totally spoils the old Annamalai movie name and suresh krishna Name.

    Suresh krishna,
    Pls dont try spoil your good name with these useless heros….

  2. The movie sucks.. for many reason.. mainly cos
    (1) There is nothing original about the movie..
    (2) Bharath s attempt to appeal to the “mass”(common man) is terrible..
    (3) Cheap sentiments.. senti scenes are inserted everywhere in the dialogues…

    I wonder this would have been the conversation b/w Suresh Krishna and Bharath initially during the story discussion. Oru chinna karpanai..

    Su. Kr: Hello Bharath
    Bh: Hello…sollunga sir.. enna kadha..
    S.K: Neenga Annamalai padam paathirukeengala…?
    Bh: Oh yes.. paathirukken… solunga..
    S.K: Adhe dhan…
    Bh: Naan enna idha padathukkaaga eppidi sir prepare pannikanum..
    S.K: onnum illa.. Annamalai padaththa innum oru rendu vaati paarunga.. podhum..

    This movie is totally a rip off of Annamalai.. “Sentiment” nu solli nenja nakki theethutaanga.. absolutely worthless.. it is a shame that Suresh Krishna is doing a movie like this.. No wonder Bharath is doing such movies… he does stuff no one else does.. or rather i shud say.. no one else wants to do.. Mega serials are wat better than this movie..

  3. annamalai ya konuuuutangaaaayaaaaaa konuuuttttaaaannnggggaa…….naan ennnaattthhhaaa soollluuvveeeennnn eeeedddhhuuu soolluuvveennn…..

    indha dialogue madhiri ellathayum copy adichutangayyyaaaa….
    totally vetti movie..utter waste!!!!

  4. I am goin to kill myself for watching this movie.bharath trying for a mass hero is nonsense.ennala mudiyulaaaaaaaaaaa..enda eppadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..mudiyulaaaaa

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