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In this week’s eSkeptic: feature article: LogiComix: An Epic Search for Truth latest from Michael Shermer: Paranoia Strikes Deep upcoming event: Atheist Alliance International Conference ’09 In this week’s eSkeptic, David Cowan reviews Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth, a graphic novel about the life and ideas of philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell, written by Apostolos Doxiad
Skeptic • 12:30 PM PST
7 How did I not know about this film-themed online t-shirt shop before? Last Exit to Nowhere has several really nice Bladerunner-themed t-shirt designs. What set you from? Nexus 6. What’s yo hood? Off World Colonies. And More Human Than Human is Our Motto. Also, dig this 2001: A Space Odyssey design. I require one of each immediately. Previously:BBtv – Syd Mead with Joel Johnson, part 3: BLADE RUNN
Boing Boing • 4 hours ago
2 Imagine a critical witness being grilled in preparation for a high-profile murder case. The prosecuting attorney wants to make sure she has every angle covered, so she questions the witness over and over to double- and triple-check that he has his story right. When he finally takes the stand, he remembers every detail she asked him about. But when the defense attorney cross-examines him, she takes
Cognitive Daily • 7 hours ago


It’s now clear that the Gujarat police murdered 19-year-old Ishrat Jahan. Judge Tamang’s report shows that she was murdered in cold blood. After taking Ishrat from Mumbai to Gujarat, the police killed her, put her in the front seat of a car and shot her at point blank range and tried to pretend she was shooting at them. For the family it has been a lonely battle and the judicial report has brought
NDTV News • 11:46 PM PST

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