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Ninaithale Inikkum Torrent | Ninaithale Inikkum Download | Ninaithale Inikkum Watch Online

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Starcast: Prithviraj, Priyamani, Karthik Kumar, Shakthi
Director: Kumaravel
Music: Vijay Antony
Ninaithale Inikkum is a Tamil film directed by Kumaravel.The film is a remake of the Malayalam language film, Classmates.

The film’s soundtrack ,  composed by Vijay Antony, released in June 2009. The film is has released on Sept 04 2009

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Download Movie Full Version 1.4 GB  Ninaithale Inikkum

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Tamil Movie Review: Arumugam

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” Aarumugam” Tamil Movie

Review Cast Crew

” A

Release Date: 25 Sep 2009
Genre: Action – Romance
Language: Tamil
Banner: Kool Productions
Cast: Bharath, Priyamani, Ramya Krishnan, Saranya Mohan, Karunas, Ilavarasu, Adhitya, Sathya, Seetha, Kavithalaya Krishna, Maganadhi Shankar, Aniruth Direction: Suresh Krishna
Production: Shenbagakumar


Grandiloquent combo Suresh Krishna-Deva is back in town. In the past, they stunned with their prodigious combination on many blockbusters that goes inclusive of Superstar Rajnikanth’s ‘BAASHA’.
Suresh Krishna known for coalescing the best commercial attributes with serious motifs spells yet another flick of that sort. Much incisively, he takes on presenting his show of pieces with entertaining aspects.
Audio for this film was launched today morning at Satyam Cinemas.
Aarumugam with Bharath and Priyamani in the lead. Bharath plays the owner of a small food joint. He is closely attached to his mother. He is quiet and his simple life gets shattered by one of Bharath’s business rivals (Ramya Krishnan) who runs a big restaurant near his place. The petty clashes soon develop into bigger problems. How Bharath solves them is told in an action-cum sentiment filled screenplay.

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Google’s Arunachal (Himalayan)Blunder

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My Digest: Of Every Day Happenings Around The World

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My Digest


9 video Each frame of this 19th century film by the Lumière brothers was hand-colored to create an early color moving picture. The color-shifting effect of the dress looks quite modern. The dancing was inspired by Loie Fuller, a modern dance pioneer. Tags: dance   Loie Fuller   Lumiere brothers   video

61 video Google has been aggressively marketing Google Apps to schools, recently launching a centralized site designed to recruit universities and colleges. Now, Google is tweaking Google Docs, which is a part of Google Apps’ productivity suite, by adding a few student-friendly features. Google Docs has added an equation editor so students can actually complete math problems within a document, allowing s
TechCrunch • 6 hours ago

26 Hey, cool! MAKE subscriber Doug took up the challenge to re-make the word clock he saw here a few weeks ago, and wrote in to share his project with us. He built the front panel using an etched PCB (no laser cutter required!), and constructed a circuit board to illuminate the proper display sections using LEDs. Instructions and board layouts are available on his Instructable. Rea
MAKE Magazine • 8 hours ago


Sources: Miami Dolphins QB Chad Pennington done …
4 QB Chad Pennington has been initially diagnosed with a torn capsule in his throwing shoulder and the Dolphins expect him to miss the rest of the season, sources familiar with the injury he suffered Sunday told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.

ESPN.com • by ESPN.com news services • 3 hours ago

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Study proves dolphins share human’s ability to reflect

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J. David Smith, Ph.D., a comparative psychologist at the University at Buffalo who has conducted extensive studies in animal cognition, says there is growing evidence that animals share functional parallels with human conscious metacognition — that is, they may share human’s ability to reflect upon, monitor or regulate their states of mind.

“Comparative psychologists have studied the question of whether or not non-human animals have knowledge of their own cognitive states by testing a dolphin, pigeons, rats, monkeys and apes using perception, memory and food-concealment paradigms…The field offers growing evidence that some animals have functional parallels to humans’ consciousness and to humans’ cognitive self-awareness,” he says. Among these species are dolphins and macaque monkeys (an Old World monkey species).

One Hour of Heavy Petting

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I went to a cat cafe in Osaka yesterday. Although, describing it as a “cafe” is somewhat misleading. It’s more of a cat brothel than a cat cafe.

It’s hidden inside a nondescript office building. An elevator discreetly whisks you up to the third floor. The elevator opens into a small hallway where you must remove your shoes and put on a pair of slippers.

You are then directed to the counter to pay in advance. Six hundred yen (about $5) gets you all the cats you can stroke for an hour.

After you have removed your shoes, sterilized your hands and paid your money, it’s time to get down on your knees and play with the cat of your choice.

The cafe is called Neko no Jikan (or “Cat Time” in English).

I had never heard of cat cafes before coming to Japan

Cat cafes are a great idea, especially for people whose landlords won’t allow pets in their buildings. Or for people who can’t have a cat because they live with an allergic partner.
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The Liars in Our Lives

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On average, people tell three lies every 10 minutes — from “I was just about to call you” and “You’ve lost weight!” to “Your secret is safe with me” and “I love you, too.” Think this claim is a bit of an exaggeration? University of Massachusetts psychology professor Robert Feldman, Ph.D., has spent the last 25 years proving it. In his book entitled “The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships,” Feldman presents evidence on why we lie, just how often we stretch the truth and the costs and benefits that come with such fibbing — whether it’s the so-called “little white lie,” a Madoff-style whopper or something in between. “The most surprising finding of my research is how ubiquitous lying is,” says Feldman. “It occurs at a rate far greater than I ever expected to find. In fact, lying is so frequent that we don’t even register that it’s happening.”
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clipped from www.copytaste.com

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