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My Digest

Location: St. George, Ontario, Canada Introducing “Viggo” (AKA Aragorn LOTR). This little guy won’t be slaying any Orcs; however, pretty soon he will be putting the fear of God in the local mice. This is the little brother of Mulder. Mulder escaped out the door two months ago, and never came home. With all my efforts and with no avail, I have not been able to find him. So, I saw the sign up “Kitt
The Daily Kitten • 1 hour ago
3 A number of interesting assembly puzzles can be made from pieces consisting of simply joined cubes in various numbers and arrangements. Piet Hein‘s Soma Cube is a notable example, consisting of all the simply joined non-convex polycubes having four or fewer units. Generally, a polyomino or polycube puzzle is presented as an outline or volume to be filled in with a certain set of pieces. It is
MAKE Magazine • 17 hours ago
22 Twitter is used for a lot of things these days, but this has to be one of my favorites. A 28-year-old guy named Justin has set up a Twitter account simply to tweet out random things his elderly father says. The title of the feed: “Shit My Dad Says.” Apparently, I’m a bit slow stumbling upon this; even though it was only started at the beginning of August, Justin’s account for his 73-year-old fathe
TechCrunch • 17 hours ago


Poet and performer walks away with main prize at the so-called ‘Oscars of comedy’Self-described “poet, performer and savant” Tim Key has won the main prize at this year’s Edinburgh comedy awards, it was announced this lunchtime.The award, which is generally acknowledged to be the world’s most prestigious comedy gong, rewards the funniest and most interesting set on this year’s fringe, and carries

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