Holy Cow!!

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Here in Watford
clipped from news.bbc.co.uk

Cow shed at Bhaktivedante Manor

One of the largest Hindu gatherings outside India is expected to attract 70,000 people to Hertfordshire.

Celebrations marking the 5,000-year-old festival of Janmashtami are taking place at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna temple in Watford.

The festival marks the birth of Lord Krishna, the most highly venerated God in the Hindu pantheon.

Attractions include music, dancing and a new complex based on compassionate farming and cow protection.

clipped from www.bbc.co.uk

Bhaktivedanta Manor

Bhaktivedanta Manor
clipped from www.krishnatemple.com

clipped from news.bbc.co.uk

Organisers said the theme of this year’s festival was the “symbiotic relationship that exists between man, cows and the environment”, and promised the event would “demonstrate the spiritual variety of India’s ancient Vedic culture in all its glory”.

Vedic scriptures teach the importance of cow protection to the welfare of human society.

The countryside temple is housed in a manor donated to the Hare Krishna movement in the early 1970s by the late Beatle George Harrison.

clipped from www.flickr.com

Bhaktivedanta Manor / Hare Krishna Temple by T.O. Wong.


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  1. The blog of Yajurved cow farming will say about welfare and utility of Holy Cow because The Lord Krishna in Dwarka kept 9 lacs Cow to produce foods, farming,gold and manure for mankind and Agriculture survival, so massage of this come to present decade also, the Cow is known a universal mother because of the productivities.
    To start organic foods and environment free from emmission and climate hazards ,vedic application form Yajurved Agnihotra is only solution given by rsis of ancient India. followers of krishna “s ethic to give massage to farmers for better organic farming with local breed of Cow, and produce foods to avoid health hazards of chemical orienting foods.This is real worship for The great Gopalak lord Krisna belong to Gujarat where he had properly ruled with Animal husbandry and Agriculture practices in rich land of fodder produced areas.He lived 125 years due to the foods, milk, butter and other Agriculture products from Cow farming.

  2. organic foods are the best for our health since they are free from dangerous chemicals and toxins ~”

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