The End of Everything

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End of Cosmology – 3 trillion years from now.

End of Stars – 100 trillion years from now.

The End of Regular Matter – 10 to the power of 30 years from now.

End of Black Holes – 10 to the power of 100 years from now.

The End of Everything – 10 to the power of 100 years and beyond.

Perhaps there will be another Big Bang someday. Perhaps the Universe is cyclical and the whole process will start up again.

Perhaps it won’t, and this bleak future of a cold, dead Universe is all that awaits us. It’s not happy, but it’s awe inspiring to consider the long future ahead, and helps us appreciate the vibrant age we live in today.

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The End of Everything

Let’s really think big, stare forward in time, and think about what the future holds for the Universe. Look forward millions, trillions, and even 10100 years into the future. Let’s consider the end of everything.

The Dark Ages, not a single star shines anywhere in the Universe.
End of Humanity
The vast majority of every species that has ever lived on Earth is now extinct. To think that humans can avoid the fate of every other creature is arrogant. Like all life on Earth, our time is limited. How long will we last?
There’s no way to know, but there’s a calculation that can help. It’s called the Doomsday Argument
10,000 years
there’s a 95% chance that humanity will have ended by the year 11,000.
End of Life – 500 million years – 5 billion years
That’s because the Sun is slowly heating up.
Over the course of the next few billion years, evolution will seem to go reverse. The largest organisms and least heat tolerant animals will die out, leaving hardy insects and bacteria.
End of the Earth – 7.5 billion years

Red giant Betelgeuse. Image credit: Hubble Space Telescope
End of the Sun – 7.5 billion

Ring Nebula. A vision of our Sun

Artist impression of a disk of material around a white dwarf star. Image credit: Gemini Observatory

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