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Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA Bellatrix (”Bella”) is a six week old ball of hyper activity. She loves to run run run. Her best friends are two Boston Terriers who each out weight her by about 25 lbs. But she has no idea. Bella loves to chase the dogs around the house and play with their toys. She is a curious little girl who is always getting in trouble. I call her my little circus cat because s
The Daily Kitten 1 hour ago
31 explore This Egyptian bust has become a popular attraction at Chicago‘s Field Museum because it’s a spitting image of Michael Jackson, complete with a tweaked nose. It was carved between 1550-1050 BCE and depicts a woman. “Statue’s a Dead Ringer for Jacko” (NBC Chicago)
Boing Boing 21 hours ago
3 What’s that you say? You don’t need an 8-inch diameter snow globe? Especially not one featuring a vignette of Al Pacino as Tony Montana in the climactic battle scene from Brian De Palma’s Scarface? I say you’re wrong: You need one of these. You need one so badly you don’t even know it yet. This project began when I, myself, realized that need; that deep need that every man knows sooner or l
MAKE Magazine 22 hours ago


2 Really:Bjorn Lomborg, an influential figure among climate change sceptics, has thrown his weight behind a drive to forge a global deal to halt rising world temperatures at a summit in Copenhagen this year.“It’s incredibly important. We need a global deal on the climate,” Mr Lomborg told the Financial Times.He does argue, correctly, that we should first focus on the low-hanging fruit, such as soot
Marginal Revolution by Tyler Cowen 9 hours ago
John Hughes, whose sweet and sassy films plumbed the lives of 1980s teens, is dead… NYT … Smart Set … A.O. Scott We share 98.4% of our genetic code with chimps. This oft-cited figure misleads in its implication: 1.6% makes all the difference in the world… more Atticus Finch wanted his white, male jurors to do the right thing, says Malcolm Galdwell. But as a good Jim Crow liberal he dared
As an military wife, Anne Heywood lived in many different places and had more than 30 jobs. When she finally settled down in New York City, Heywood started a business to help other people change careers because she believed there was a right job for everyone.
NPR: This I Believe by (This I Believe, Inc.) 20 hours ago
10 Parking is heavily subsidized in the US; spaces in cities can cost between $10,000 and $50,000, a high price to pay to house hunks of metal that don’t do anything for 95% of the day. Who pays for this? Everyone. The cost of building all that parking is reflected in higher rents, more expensive shopping and dining, and higher costs of home-ownership. Those who don’t drive or own cars thus subsidiz remaindered links by 23 hours ago


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NPR: 7AM ET News Summary 4 hours ago
2 TG DailyTargeted Twitter user blames RussiaCNET NewsThe Georgian blogger whose Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts were targeted in denial-of-service attacks on Thursday, says he thinks Russia’s federal security service is behind it. “This hackers was from Russian KGB,” the blogger, …Twitter Attack Was Another Political DDoSPC WorldTwitter Service Spotty as Attacks ContinueNew Y
Google News 18 hours ago
Preparing to sail in the infamous race
4 NEW YORK—Saying that there are no pitchers, fielders, or batters, only numbers and statistics, radical sabermetrician Kyle Osterman…
The Onion 1 day ago

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video Jessica Simpson Creepy Photo Gallery: Facebook Fail Pic: Boondock Saints 2: Asians Crossed into N. Korea: Woman to Marry Theme Park Ride: Crazy France Hairstyles: Contact Phil: Send Schtuff to: Philip DeFranco 13428 Maxella Ave #286 Marina del R
YouTube :: Most Viewed Videos – Today by (sxephil) 17 hours ago
video WATCH THE LOSER GET HUMILIATED: When Ian and Anthony are pitted against each other in a high-stakes race, who will claim victory? Author: smosh Keywords: smosh anthony padilla ian hecox shoes showdown fail skipit skip it high heels tool shutter shades doucheba
YouTube :: Most Viewed Videos – Today by (smosh) 20 hours ago
2 Location: North Haledon, New Jersey, USA Little Leonidas sitting down!!
The Daily Kitten by The Kittenmaster 1 day ago
2 ORLANDO, FL—According to photographs surfacing from the dig site, the Mouseketeers are arranged according to rank and appear to be marching or tap dancing in place.
The Onion 1 day ago


Self-control is one of our most cherished values. We applaud those who have the discipline to regulate their appetites and actions, and we try hard to instill this virtue in our children. Think of the marketing slogans that key off the desire for restraint: “Just say no.” “Just do it.” We celebrate the power of the mind to make hard choices, despite our emotions or other temptations, and keep us o
2 “That blasted siren. I can’t focus.” That reaction to undesired distraction may signal a person’s low working-memory capacity, according to a new study. Based on a study of 84 students divided into four separate experiments, researchers found that students with high memory storage capacity were clearly better able to ignore distractions and stay focused on their assigned tasks.
ScienceDaily Headlines 6 hours ago
The former legislator has a minuscule carbon footprint despite days filled with travel. He recycles and reuses at home. He owns no car but walks, and uses mass transit and a city CarShare program. Tom Bates stands in his pantry, grinning like a boy on Christmas morning with his loot spread out in front of hi
L.A. Times – Environment 8 hours ago
3 White Americans, anyway. That seems to be the result from this poll at Daily Kos (via Tom Levenson’s Twitter feed). Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 7/27-30. Likely voters. MoE 2% (No trend lines) Do you believe that America and Africa were once part of the same continent?          Yes    No  Not Sure All       42    26    32 Dem       51    16    33 Rep       24    47    29 Ind       44    23    33
Cosmic Variance by Sean 23 hours ago

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Background: One of the main explanations for the stunning diversity of teleost fishes (~29,000 species, nearly half of all vertebrates) is that a fish-specific whole-genome duplication event (FSGD) in the ancestor to teleosts triggered their subsequent radiation. However, one critical assumption of this hypothesis, that diversification rates in teleosts increased soon after the acquisition of a du
BMC Evolutionary Biology – Latest articles by Michael Alfaro 15 hours ago
Motivation: Integration of various genome-scale measures of molecular alterations is of great interest to researchers aiming to better define disease processes or identify novel targets with clinical utility. Particularly important in cancer are measures of gene copy number DNA methylation. However, copy number variation may bias the measurement of DNA methylation. To investigate possible bias, we
Bioinformatics – current issue by Houseman, E. A., Christensen, B. C., Karagas, M. R., Wrensch, M. R., Nelson, H. H., Wiemels, J. L., Zheng, S., Wiencke, J. K., Kelsey, K. T., Marsit, C. J. 1 day ago
Motivation: Identification of core promoters is a key clue in understanding gene regulations. However, due to the diverse nature of promoter sequences, the accuracy of existing prediction approaches for non-CpG island (simply CGI)-related promoters is not as high as that for CGI-related promoters. This consequently leads to a low genome-wide promoter prediction accuracy. Results: In this article,
Bioinformatics – current issue by Gan, Y., Guan, J., Zhou, S. 1 day ago
Motivation: In some applications, prior biological knowledge can be used to define a specific pattern of association of multiple endpoint variables with a genomic variable that is biologically most interesting. However, to our knowledge, there is no statistical procedure designed to detect specific patterns of association with multiple endpoint variables. Results: Projection onto the most interest
Bioinformatics – current issue by Pounds, S., Cheng, C., Cao, X., Crews, K. R., Plunkett, W., Gandhi, V., Rubnitz, J., Ribeiro, R. C., Downing, J. R., Lamba, J. 1 day ago


The Maker Shed is continuing our summer clearance sale featuring a wide range of products. The sale will run for the rest of the summer, but only while supplies last. Be sure to check back regularly since we will be adding daily specials throughout the summer on some of our popular products. More about the Maker Shed summer clearance sale Read more | Permalink | Comments |
MAKE Magazine by Marc de Vinck 9:30 PM PST
A location centric conversation platform that makes it easy to find and share the places you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go next. Call it a people powered GPS, call it a realtime Wikipedia, whatever you call it, it’s cool. [Private Beta] URL: Social Guides.
eHub by Cesar Castro 14 min
Let’s look back at the week that was in Microsoft news: Windows 7 RTM arrives on Connect, MSDN, and TechNet: Despite being leaked to torrent sites earlier, the Windows 7 RTM has finally arrived for testers (Microsoft Connect) as well as MSDN and TechNet subscribers. Build 7600 will be available to the public on October 22, 2009. Windows 7 RTM arrives for Software Assurance customers: Windows 7 RT
Ars Technica by (Emil Protalinski) 1 hour ago
25 Wouldn’t it be neat if you could turn an old laptop or desktop into a media center that served and streamed movies, music, and files, and even backed up your other systems? With an Amahi installation, it’s not too hard. Amahi is really a repository you add into an installation of the Fedora Linux system, but when you do, it gives that system a whole new look and purpose. From a web interface you c
Lifehacker by Kevin Purdy 19 hours ago


Tired of hearing from others that gaming doesn’t have practical benefits, that it’s basically a waste time? Here are 6 ways in which gaming can help at the workplace…where being nimble, aggressive, creative, sedentary (and really good at spotting & terminating a-holes) can be hugely advantageous.
Digg 48 min
So I was at my local big box store yesterday (RC Willey) and asked the sale’s person when the Sharp LC65E77U was expected in. He told me that the Sharp 60″ and 65″ had just been removed from his system because a “deal” Sharp had with a factory to make the bigger sized panels had just fell thru, so as a result Sharp was going to have to delay or put on hold the 60 and 65 incher
AVS Forum by davyo 1 hour ago
2 Mia / YouTube Blog: YouTube Gets Smarter on the Small Screen  —  As more and more people are using the browser on their smartphones for checking email, visiting websites, and even accessing YouTube, we want to make sure that we provide the best possible YouTube experience on your mobile browser.
Techmeme 11 hours ago
20 After a series of setbacks, delays, and potential world-ending mishaps, it seems that the scientists at CERN have decided to take it easy with the Large Hadron Collider, and have announced that they plan to operate it at an energy of 3.5 TeV (or trillion electron volts) per beam when they start it up again in November of this year. If that goes well, they’ll then cautiously ramp things up to 5 TeV
Engadget by Donald Melanson 21 hours ago


The Sri Lankan government of August 7 said that they had captured LTTE’s new chief Selvarajah Pathmanathan in Thailand. The island nation of Sri Lanka is looking forward to a better future owing to end of the two decades long civil war that it was fighting with the Tamil Tiger rebels.
Video – MSN India: Editor 12:22 AM PST
Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani on August 7 finally came out in his defence over the allegations that his estranged brother, Anil Ambani, has been levelling against RIL over the long standing gas distribution dipute between the two brothers. Anil Ambani is chairman of Reliance Natural Resources Limited (RNRL).
Video – MSN India: Editor 12:19 AM PST
Health minister of Delhi, Kiran Walia, urged the citizens on August 7 to get themselves tested for H1N1 virus only at designated clinics. Walia requested people to refrain from going to ill-equipped private clinics for H1N1 tests. In Kolkata, special influenza clinics have been set up at three hospitals.
Video – MSN India: Editor 12:15 AM PST
Indian foreign minister S M Krishna met his Australian counterpart Stephen Smith on August 7. Krishna highlighted the issue of Indian students’ security in Australia in the meeting. Security of Indians and concerns about quality of education in Australia are high on agenda for Krishna’s Australia visit.
Video – MSN India: Editor 11:23 PM PST


A Chinese bride recently walked down the aisle wearing a 7,083-foot-long wedding dress that took 200 guests over three hours to unfurl. The $5,800 dress could be a sign of China’s potential to… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Consumerist by Carey 3 hours ago
4 Not photoshopped, I took it myself. The site is real. I’m trying to imagine someone driving along Highway 11 and making a note of this. For what? The next time someone gets bludgeoned in their living room? (And no, I don’t think it was movie inspired).On the other hand, maybe this is brilliant, because it’s police cars that see this sign the most. Go to where your customers are…
Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin 5 hours ago
Oriental Trading Co. coupon – Up to $20 off purchasesMake your next party or get-together a smashing success by shopping for all the supplies from Oriental Trading Company. They carry a huge selection of party supplies, craft and hobby supplies, art supplies, teaching supplies, toys and more. Enter coupon code SN1012402 at checkout to save $20 on orders of $75 or more, or code AUG910 for a savings
Bargainist 11 hours ago
The Hillsborough County, Florida medical examiner’s office reported this afternoon that toxicology results show boisterous master pitchman Billy Mays had used cocaine sometime in the days before his… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Consumerist by Laura Northrup 16 hours ago
Oh, #%*! 32 Businesspundit • 4 days ago
Bear shaving 56 Seth’s Blog • 5 days ago
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