Updates From Iran: Liveblogging Post-Election Unrest

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An implosion is taking place in Iran in the wake of recent elections, blamed by the opposition as having been rigged.  Here is a tell-tale account:

5:26 pm: Video of Basij firing into the crowds, which led to the attack on the Basij base mentioned below. [Warning: This video contains graphic images.]


In addition, the Guardian Council’s spokesperson said on a news show tonight that Mousavi’s letter of protest is too general, and if the Guardian Council does not find fraud in the election process, then based on section 3, article 80 of the election law, Mousavi could be sentenced to 3 years in jail for “Efteraa” (libel).

Amazing. Even before the investigation begins, the threats are already starting.

4:58 pm: Larijani sets up a committee to investigate violence in parts of the country

According to Hamshahri and other news sources, Ali Larijani, the speaker of the Majlis (parliament) of Iran, has assigned a committee to investigate the recent violent events around the country including last night’s events at the University of Tehran dorms.

clipped from niacblog.wordpress.com
7:28 pm: President Obama spoke about the issue just a little while ago:

5:57 pm: More irresponsible saber-rattling from members of Congress…
California Republican Dana Rohrabacher says on his twitter feed:
5:13 pm: A source from the Washington Times is reporting that foreign press has been “kindly asked” to leave Iran.  No word yet on what will happen if they (politely) refuse.
5:12 pm: From a relative in Iran:
1- Basij opened fire to the crowd. First blood is shed. Things are going to be more violent from tomorrow.
2- Jenati, head of Guardian Council appeared on IRIB channel 2 tonight 10.30 pm local time, and announced that he received a letter from supreme leader to investigate the election process … HE ADDED ALTHOUGH HE DOESN’T SEE A MAJOR FRAUD in the reports… he will obey the leader and will send HIM (not media) a full report within next 10 days!!!
5:02 pm: There have been shootings in the street. There are photos here, which I am not going to post here because they are very graphic.
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