Collecting Facts From Websites

June 12, 2009 at 9:43 pm | Posted in Online Tools | 2 Comments
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reakshowsam writes “Technology Review has an article on a software engine, developed by researchers at the University of Washington, that pulls together facts by combing through more than 500 million Web pages. TextRunner
extracts information from billions of lines of text by analyzing basic
relationships between words. ‘The significance of TextRunner is that it
is scalable because it is unsupervised,’ says Peter Norvig, director of
research at Google, which donated the database of Web pages that
TextRunner analyzes. The prototype still has a fairly simple interface
and is not meant for public search so much as to demonstrate the
automated extraction of information from 500 million Web pages, says
Oren Etzioni, a University of Washington computer scientist leading the


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