Kasab Warned By The Judge For Misbehaviour

June 10, 2009 at 10:28 pm | Posted in Muslims, Terrorism | 1 Comment
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Kasab, the devilish murderer gunman who mercilessly mowed down many in the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack apparently takes himself to be a guest in India. It may be  really not very surprising as only a man as thick as he could ever become such a gruesome killer as he proved to be.

Zeenews reports that Special Judge M L Tahaliyani, hearing the 26/11 terror attack case, today had to admonish the Pakistani gunman  for misbehaving with jail officials and warned him to conduct himself properly or else face harsh action.

“As soon as Kasab, prime accused in this case, came to the court, the judge, apparently angry over his conduct, asked him why he had misbehaved with jail officials.

Kasab replied, “talashi ke dauran woh batamazi kar rahe the and mujhe gussa aya” (during search they were being rude so I was angry).

“Of course, I will talk to jail officials but henceforth I should not receive any complaint against you,” the judge told Kasab while asking him to sit in the dock.

“Wahan hala gula karna thik nahin hai” (It is not proper to misbehave in jail), Judge Tahaliyani said.

The Judge then told Kasab’s lawyer Abbas Kazmi, “I have heard of his misbehaviour which is very disturbing. I will verify what he said but this should not happen again”.

Kasab’s lawyer assured the court that he would talk to the accused and ensure that he behave properly in future.

Yesterday, Kasab had thrown tantrums by telling policemen in the court that time was up for him to perform Namaz. The judge then asked him to sit quiet in the dock and hear the proceedings.”

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  1. Kasab is no. 51. We can comfortably assume that he will enjoy a happy life for coming 2-3 decades. The woman who killed Rajiv Gandhi is still alive and kicking in Indian jails. Just imagine what the existing super-powers of this world would have done if any of their leaders would have been assassinated so brutally? Azad recently wrote a thoughtful article on it.

    Afzal Guru, who attacked the Indian parliament is no. 28 in the queue. The prestige of our nation and democracy; the Indian parliament, was attacked on 13th Dec 2001. Why is Afzal still alive even after almost a decade? And all these bastards are waiting for mercy petition. Does any one of us believe that they deserve mercy?

    And guess what? The government will continue to spend crores of rupees in keeping Kasab safe. Are we waiting for the terrorists to repeat the Kandahar episode (hijack of Indian Airlines IC- 814) which resulted in release of three dreaded terrorists- Maulana Masood Azhar, Mustaq Zargar and Omar Sheikh- in 1999? What a shame!

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