Taliban Resorting To Regular Suicide Bombing In Pakistan

June 8, 2009 at 7:36 am | Posted in Muslims, Taliban, Terrorism | 1 Comment
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A suicide bombing at a rescue centre in Islamabad killed and injured several rescue workers

Suicide bombing is taking place in Pakistan with sickening regularity.

Yesterday,Sunday,June 7, it was a soft target of Islamabad’s Rescue  15 building, where a suicide bomber climbed the compound wall  and exploded himself killing and injuring rescue workers. It seems that Taliban is targeting mostly  soft-security centers.  Nothing much was left standing at the rescue center.

Only the previous day, Taliban had carried out an explosion on an army convoy escorting prisoners into the North West Frontier Province‘s main city of Peshawar.

Meanwhile, the army  says it has Mullah Fazlulla, the local Taliban leader is in its sight and it is closing in on him.

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  1. This was expcted… Talibunnies warned of attacks and even gave a time frame.

    Pak is getting what it gave to others ie. terrorism and bloodshed

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