A HealthCare System Truly Owned And Controlled By Patients

May 15, 2009 at 7:47 am | Posted in Lifescape | Leave a comment
Proponents of such a plan assert that the inadequacies of our current health care system are the product of a failed free market.

Market mechanisms have been trampled by governmental involvement in care, primarily through Medicare — the government’s public option for seniors.

Obama’s Grand Gamble


Since it would be backed by the federal treasury, not built upon market principles and efficiencies, any public option would effectively destroy the private insurance market. With the government subsidizing costs through higher taxes, the plan would offer “lower” fees for the services it offers.

As Washington bureaucracies view health care in terms of dollars and cents, instead of patients and doctors, this government-run plan would, like Medicare, end up limiting access to treatments, prescriptions and procedures that it deems “ineffective.” You may know this process by another word: rationing.

clipped from www.politico.com

Conservatives are energized about the coming debate over health care. Our vision for positive reform is consistent with our principles and singularly focused on that which health care should be all about: the patient. 

Where we diverge with our Democratic colleagues is that we believe empowering patients, not Washington, is the key to responsible reform. Our goal must be to create a system that is accessible, affordable, innovative, responsive and of the highest quality. Surely, none of these adjectives describe routine services from the federal government.  

Because of Washington’s inability to deliver high-quality care, the American people remain wholly opposed to turning control of medical decisions over to the government. To overcome this, Democrats in Congress have begun promoting an innocent-sounding “public option.” They claim the public option would simply “compete” with private plans. 
Yet the irrefutable truth is there is no free market in American health care.

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