Slumdog Actress For Sale

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There were ugly scenes outside the home of one of the child stars of Slumdog Millionaire today when Rubina Ali’s mother demanded that the young actress be removed from the care of her father.

Slumdog Millionaire, Rubina Ali

Rubina Ali: alleged to have been offered for sale

Rafiq Asghar Ali Qureshi is alleged to have offered the nine-year-old for sale for £200,000 in an illegal adoption deal.

“We are considering Rubina’s future,” he is claimed to have told an undercover newspaper reporter from the News of the World, who was posing as an interested buyer from the Middle East.

“We’ve got nothing out of this film. They haven’t looked after us. They gave some money at the start but they gave nothing afterwards. They gave us around 150,000 rupees (£2,000).
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“They’ve been talking about giving us a house, but all they do is talk.”

Mr Qureshi and his brother-in-law Rajan More allegedly initially asked for £50,000 for Rubina – a sum that was hiked to £200,000 at a later meeting.

Mr Qureshi’s brother Mohiuddin was quoted as saying: “The child is special now. This is not an ordinary child. This is an Oscar child.”

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