List of Top 10 New Species announced

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Each year the IISE announces a list of the Top 10 New Species for the preceding calendar year. The Top 10 new species described in 2007, announced on May 23, 2008, are listed below with links to additional details about each species.

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Ornate Sleeper Ray

Number 1 – A Sleeper Ray with a Name that Sucks

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Duck-billed Dinosaur

Number 2 – 75-Million Year Old Giant Duck-billed Dinosaur

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Shocking Pink Millipede

Number 3 – Shocking Pink Millipede

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Rare Frog Off the Shelf

Number 4 – Rare Frog Off the Shelf

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One of Most Venomous Snakes in World

Number 5 – One of the Most Venomous Snakes in the World

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Fruit Bat Crosses the Line

Number 6 – Fruit Bat Crosses the Line

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Mushroom in Scientists’ Own Backyard

Number 7 –New Fun Guy on Campus?

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Jellyfish Named After Its Victim

Number 8 – Jellyfish Named After Its Victim

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Rhinoceros beetle

Number 9 – Life Imitates Art: “Dim” Rhinoceros beetle

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Michelin Man Plant

Number 10 – Michelin Man™ Plant

Husband battles croc for wife

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What an eyesore ... croc

A BRAVE husband saved his missus from a crocodile’s jaws –
by jumping on its back and poking its eyes.

Norm Moreen, 39, leapt into action after the 6ft beast grabbed
screaming Wendy Pethrick.

First he battered the croc – then sensing it was about to submerge
her in a “death roll” he rammed his fingers into its

The monster dropped Wendy and swam off, leaving the couple to struggle to the

He bandaged her wounds and they drove for help.

Last night Wendy, 36, said from her hospital bed: “I’m
lucky to be alive – thanks to Norm. I was standing on the bank
splashing water on my face when the crocodile grabbed my leg and dragged me

“I called out for Norm. Next minute he jumped in the water and on
the croc’s head.

“It was dragging me under.

Hero Norm said: “I knew it was a croc and I just jumped in. I didn’t
think twice. I just did it. When you need to save someone you love, you do

The mum of three suffered eight deep puncture wounds


Man jumps over Grand Canyon (5 pictures)

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Grand Canyon jump

1 / 5

Witnesses said a man taking photographs of the Grand Canyon suddenly jumped across a ravine half a mile deep to capture the sunset – after drinking a six-pack of beer

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Grand Canyon jump

2 / 5

The man prepares to jump back from the outcrop

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Grand Canyon jump

3 / 5

Holding his camera and tripod in one hand, he makes the leap

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Grand Canyon jump

4 / 5

The man lands, clutching the rocky outcrop with his one free hand. These pictures were taken by Hans van de Vorst, an amateur photographer

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Grand Canyon jump


General view of the Grand Canyon and the gap the man jumped

Geek Speak

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A Nerdictionary of quirky, techie terms.
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Geek speaker ... Alpha Geek
ALPHA GEEK – The most knowledgeable, technically proficient
person in an office or work group.
CUBE FARM – An office packed with cubicles full of busy
DOORSTOP – A computer no longer considered fast enough and
only useful for keeping doors open.
EGOSURFING – When you look yourself up on the internet.
FLESHMEET – A rare meeting in the flesh, especially for
people who usually only chat on the net.
INTERNOT – Someone who refuses to use the internet.
KEYBOARD PLAQUE – Disgusting build-up of dirt on keyboards.
MEDIA STACKING – Juggling a number of media at once, as in
watching TV while chatting to friends on your laptop and downloading new
tunes on to your iPod.
PLUG-AND-PLAY – A new worker who needs no training and can
get started at once.

TIMEBOXING – Putting aside a particular slot to get a job
done, eg “What’s the timebox for this report, boss?”

UNINSTALLED – Being fired.
WIMAX – Wireless internet access for whole towns.

Radical Transparency

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One of the scariest things I have watched lately.
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Starting with a concept for creating the genealogy for the entire earth, here is a fascinating journey into the topic of radical transparency.


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If America goes backwards any faster, it’ll be a third word country befor long.
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“The Rise of the Rest” -The Post-American World

The growth of countries like China, India, Brazil, Russia, and many
others—is the great story of our time, and one that will reshape the world. The
tallest buildings, biggest dams, largest-selling movies, and most advanced cell
phones are all being built outside the United States.
As the Iraq muddle drags on and China rises, the larger story of the post-Cold
War era has come into sharp relief: We are not the center of the universe. It
matters less that particular countries are pro- or anti-American than that the
world is increasingly non-American. We need to get over ourselves.
If the massive transfer of wealth to the petro-authoritarians continues,
Friedman believes, power will follow. , with oil at $200 a barrel, OPEC could
“potentially buy Bank of America in one month worth of production, Apple
computers in a week and General Motors in just three days, ”
“They have adopted our lessons and are playing our game,”

Animated Map Brings Global Climate Crisis To Life

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Animated Map Brings Global Climate Crisis To Life

LONDON – A new animated map of the earth from space illustrates the potential impact of climate change over the next century and can be viewed on your computer.

The project, Climate Change in Our World, is the result of cooperation between web search engine Google, Britain’s environment ministry and the country’s Met Office.
Based on Google Earth which uses NASA satellite images, viewers can run a time lapse series to watch the earth warm under medium case scenarios up to 2100 either from a planetary perspective or zeroing in on countries and even cities.
“This project shows people the reality of climate change using estimates of both the change in the average temperature where they live, and the impact it will have on people’s lives all over the world,” said environment secretary Hilary Benn.
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