Facebook’s Web “Connect”

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Facebook’s Reach Expands to Web with ‘Connect’


A day after MySpace introduced a data-sharing initiative to let users put their profile information on various Web sites across the Internet, Facebook chimed in with a similar initiative, dubbed Facebook Connect.

“Facebook Connect is the next iteration of Facebook Platform that allows users to ‘connect’ their Facebook identity, friends and privacy to any site,” senior platform manager Dave Morin wrote in a Friday blog post. “This will now enable third party Web sites to implement and offer even more features of Facebook Platform off of Facebook.”

The service will be publicly available in the next few weeks, he said.

Members have been able to share basic profile information with third-party Web sites since Facebook launched the first version of its API in August 2006, Morin said. Last year, Facebook launched its Platform Web site, which lets developers build applications for the social networking site.

With connect, users can import profile information to sites like Digg, and connect with other Facebook friends who have commented on or Dugg stories on the site.

Privacy settings members have selected will remain in effect when they move to outside Web sites, as will profile changes, Morin said. “For example, if a user changes their profile picture, or removes a friend connection, this will be automatically updated in the external Web site,” he wrote.

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In-Car GPS

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Three New Pioneer GPS


If PNS thingies are not your cup of tea, here are three new in-car GPS
from Pioneer, all from the HDD based Ctber NAVI car navigation system.

Depending on your taste you can choose between the AVIC-VH900 or AVIC-,
which feature a 7” VGA screen, a 30GB HDD, 5.1ch, TV, TV 1Seg, DVD,
DVD-V, CD, and supports WMA, MP3, AAC, and DviX files.

We also have the AVIC-H9000 which doesn’t include an LCD, but provides an external slot.

All our new GPS pr…

Japanese Omodaka Dance

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Japanese dancer Masako Yasumoto dances on a new style the Omodaka…

What is OMODAKA?
OMODAKA is the name of the project developed through a trial and error process of mutational fusion of music and motion graphics. It will knock over your existing image toward a music video by a beautiful trajectory.

clipped from www.akihabaranews.com

Feminists In Quandry Over Clinton Support

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clipped from news.yahoo.com

Overall, Clinton’s now-endangered campaign has survived largely because of her 60 percent to 36 percent edge over Obama among white women voters in the primaries to date. But among college-educated white women — the demographic of many feminists and of Clinton herself — her edge is much smaller, 54 percent to 43 percent, according to exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and television networks.

One factor in play is generational. There is a widespread perception in the women’s movement that younger feminists tilt more toward Obama while most of their elders favor Clinton.

At breakfast forums, in op-ed columns, across the blogosphere, the debate has been heartfelt and sometimes bitter. Are the activist women supporting front-runner Barack Obama betraying their gender? Are Clinton’s feminist backers mired in an outdated, women’s-liberation mind-set?

In this June 4, 2007 file photo, Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., center, speaks during a town hall conversation hosted by Women for Hillary in New York.(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow, File)

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With Doyle Redland

Saturday, May 10, 2008

India’s Top Physicists Develop Plan To Get The Hell Out Of India

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Solar Poultry Lighting

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Solar powered poultry lighting

This one is for Dale since the last phone conference call we had he was feeding his chickens… Solar powered poultry lighting – put together a solar system to power poultry lighting – increase winter egg production from REUK.co.uk.

If we received 1p every time someone emailed us about solar
powered poultry lighting we would have earned 23p during September.
Therefore we have compiled the information in the following article to
assist those people, and anyone else who requires timer controlled
lighting where mains electricity is not available.

One of the most important factors in egg production by poultry is
the length of the day. During the summer months when days are long,
hens and other poultry lay merrily. But in the winter when the days are
short (and often dull) egg production can slow or even stop. Therefore
artificial poultry lighting on a timer is often used to trick the
poultry into believing the days are longer while still maintaining the
necessary 9-10 hours of dark roosting time.

[Read this article]

Obama Nearly Even in Superdelegates

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    • The surge signaled a critical psychological turning point for the Illinois senator, who had trailed Clinton by more than 100 superdelegates on the eve of the first nominating contests in January, when many in the party viewed her as the inevitable nominee.
    • After adding at least nine yesterday – among the biggest one-day hauls for either candidate since the primaries began – Obama, with 271 superdelegates, has nearly pulled even with Clinton, who has 272.5, according to the latest unofficial tally by the Associated Press. Counts by other media organizations showed him taking the lead among the 795 superdelegates, the party leaders and elected officials who will almost certainly put the eventual nominee past the finish line of 2,025 delegates overall
    • The Obama campaign has tended to announce superdelegate endorsements at difficult moments – such as the day after losing a primary – but yesterday’s announcements seemed designed to further establish him as the likely nominee.
    • The shift was an enormous blow for the Clinton campaign, which has pinned its hopes on convincing superdelegates that Clinton is more electable in November, despite Obama’s lead in the total popular vote and pledged delegates awarded in primaries and caucuses.
    • Clinton and Obama have been wooing undeclared superdelegates this week in Washington, but many say they prefer to let voters or the candidates themselves decide the nominee. Furthermore, Obama supporters on Capitol Hill do not want to appear to be hounding their Senate colleague from the race given that they will want Clinton’s support in the general election.
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