A Simple Question: Can My Relationship Be Saved?

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In the book The Magic of Making Up, T W Williams shows us a method for dealing with this type of pain. It’s called the Fast Forward technique and it allows you to gain control over your emotional feelings. Be sure to check out the book later.

    • Can my relationship be saved? I’ve made a mistake and now regret it.?

      In a word, YES – your relationship can still be saved even if you did something terrible. Unless you pointed a gun to your ex or shouted profanity at her down to her great grandmother, then you still have a chance.

      I have been there to help people to save their relationship – that includes a friend of mine who was left by his wife for someone richer, younger, and better looking! Now before you rush off and do your moves, here’s a word of warning:

      Forget about what you see in the movies and reality TV shows! Getting down on one knee and begging wont cut it, neither will overwhelming them with text messages or “I love You” emails.

      There’s no director that shouts “Cut!” and gives you a second, third, or fourth take when things don’t go as planned. These things are not the answers you seek to the “can my relationship be saved?” question.

      Just after you break up your head is full of mixed emotions, some of these are normally quite intense and can well be very harmfull if allowed out. They make the situation more confusing! You’d sure go ballistic and end up doing the things I advised you stay away from if you don’t take proper action.

      The first step in making up to your Ex is clearing yourself of these feelings. How? By accepting the break up for now and giving them and yourself a little space.

      The time you’ll spend alone is crucial if ever you’re going to get his or her heart back. During these hours, let it all out – the resentment, the pain, the anger, eUnderstanding why they left you is the next step to making up. Ask yourself questions like: Is it my clinginess, my indifference that shooed my ex away? Or have I become too repetitive and droning in our relationship?

    • Don’t make excuses or reasons; critically and objectively answer those questions.

      The final step is to change that attitude or that personality of yours that drove your ex away. And you better make sure that these changes are something you can keep.

      Otherwise, you’d only be setting you and your ex for a stinging disappointment and a more painful breakup. This time it may be impossible for you to save it.

      The plan I just talked you through is part of The Magic of Making Up. Be sure to check it out below.

    • Visit http://www.themagicofmakingup.info and make sure you check out the video on the first steps to making up.

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