Ten Quick Tips To Improve Your Self-Esteem

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Ten quick tips to improve your self esteem Annotated

1. Do what you love.
Everyone loves to do something, when you indulge yourself in your love you improve the way you feel about yourself. You improve your self esteem.

2. Help others out.
Nothing makes you feel a warm glow than when you unselfishly help others

3. Acknowledge your strengths
There is no one who has no strengths. Everyone is good at something, know what your good at and give yourself a pat on the back

4. Don’t put up with crap.
There is no reason you should tolerate other people being mean to you

Make sure people know they should be nice to you and if they refuse, walk away from them.

5. Drop your negative friends.
Hang out with people who are positive and support you.

You may have noticed that people who bitch and moan are never happy.

6. Do your research

Go read biographies of people you respect, people who do positvive things and attain huge success. Learn from the master not the self help guru who is always in debt.

7. Learn to accept compliments.

If people think good about you then maybe you should too.

8. Include positivity in your life.

9. Compare yourself against yourself.
If you look at how you were yesterday and how you are today and there is an improvement then that is great.

10. There is no need for you to put yourself down

Ask yourself, how can I improve my self esteem. The answer will always be, find one positive thing about yourself and that will do it.


How to Win at Office Politics

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How to Win at Office Politics

Like it or not, every workplace is a political environment. But operating effectively within it doesn’t have to mean sucking up, lying, or slinging dirt. In its purest form, office politics is simply about getting from here to there: securing a promotion, seeing an idea come to fruition, or gaining support to make an organizational change. Playing the game well is about defending your position, earning respect, exchanging favors, and keeping your sanity amid the chaos. To get started, you need to know what you really want from work, then orient your political moves toward those goals. It all starts with strong relationships and helping others; those people in return make up the support system that helps you realize your goals. Here’s how it’s done. …More

Teleportation In The Near Future

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AUSTRALIAN physicists have discovered a method that could see atoms being teleported between Sydney and Perth and pave the way for possible Star Trek-like travel in the future.  Granted, they don’t fully expect their teleportation scheme to be used on humans in the near future, but there’s always hope, right?

The method involves cooling down a group of atoms and shooting lasers at them, making them "appear to disappear" before using transporting them along optic fibres at light speed to another location where they can be reconstructed. The atoms are cooled to almost absolute zero, and beamed  with two lasers, before using fiber optics to transport them to any other place at the speed of light.

The "simple" way of transporting atoms was developed    by physicists Murray Olsen, Ashton Bradley, Simon Haine of the Australian Research Council Centre for Quantum-Atom Optics, and and Joseph Hope of ANU.    Dr Murray Olsen (front) and Dr Simon Haine . Pic: Chris                                                                                           Stacey/The University of Queensland

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Misplaced Wonders

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