Doctors concerned over the terrorists among them

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Doctors concerned over the terrorists among them

Doctors generally and those of Asian origin specially seem to be perturbed much over the dark shadow of distrust befallen them following the (fortunately) abortive terrist bombing attempts in UK by the misguided members of their fraternity. In the same vein, the Indian community not only in UK but also all over the world feels let down by the callously thoughtless acts of terorism perpetrated by some utterly brainwashed miseducated humbugs.who are unfit to be known as Indians. not even as Indian muslims.

  For instance,President of Australian Doctors Trained Overseas, Andrew Schwartz, said he was particularly disappointed with the way the inquiry is being reported in media and it could have an adverse impact on the future crop of doctors deciding to come to Australia.

“Australia is very reliant on overseas doctors,” he said adding that he is worried about the impact of last week’s events.

“What this is doing is just destroying the confidence of the Australian people in overseas trained doctors and destroying the confidence of overseas trained doctors in Australia,” he said.

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